Most important thing during the pre-wash stage is removing most foreign surface particles from the paint. If not properly removed, the particles can produce scratches and imperfections during the next stages of the wash. Using a pressure washer, start rinsing the paint carefully starting from the bottom of the body, working your way up through door thresholds, fenders, and doors, to the upper elements. Pay special attention to places where sand, dust, or grime accumulate, and rinse them extra carefully.

Pre-wash with foam

After thoroughly rinsing the car, we can move on to the pre-wash. You can use a foam gun or a pressure sprayer like Gloria Foam Master. During this stage we want to remove as many contaminants as possible, without using a sponge or wash mitt. The active foam lifts the contaminants from the paint and removes them from the car. Depending on the degree of contamination, we can use Shiny Garage Perfect Active Foam – for heavier grime, or Shiny Garage Fruit Snow Foam – for lighter contamination. Spray the foam on the car top down, and let it work for a couple of minutes. Start rinsing the paint from the bottom, working your way up. This technique allows you to remove the grime that has already made its way down with the foam not distributing it on the less grimy elements.


Having removed a fair portion of the grime, the paint is ready for further works. Check, if the surface of the paint is smooth, paying special attention to elements like bumpers, and lower parts of the doors. If you notice small, black spots, you will have to remove them using a product that eliminates tar, like Shiny Garage Orange Tar&Glue Remover. The product will remove the tar by dissolving it. Just spray it on the paint, and wait a couple of minutes. For tougher tar stains use a cloth soaked with Shiny Garage Orange Tar&Glue Remover. If the car has been parked next to railway tracks or production plants, the paint will be covered with rail-dust, and rust particles. In that case you will have to use a product which removes this kind of contaminants, like Shiny Garage Iron Off. Next, we wash the car using water and shampoo.

Wash using the Two Bucket Method

In order to properly care for and protect car paint, it is essentail to apply the Two Bucket Method for washing your car. Pour clean water to one bucket. Fill the other bucket 3/4 with water adding an appropriate amoumt of car shampoo (the water should have a 'slick feel', then fill it up with water, stirring it to create foam. You have your two buckets ready, so now you can start washing your car. Put your sponge or wash mitt into the bucket filled with a mixture of water and shampoo, and start cleaning the car from the roof and working your way down. It's important to start with the top of the car, and leave elements such as bumpers, wheels, or the bottom parts of the doors, to the end of your wash, as they usually carry the biggest amount of grime. Squeeze the foam onto the paint, and applying minimum pressure, spread it evenly on the surface. Next, put your mitt or sponge in the bucket filled with water, rinse it, squeeze it out well, and put it again into the water/shampoo mixture. Repeat the process untill you have washed the whole car.


This step is very important, and if done incorrectly, it can damage the paint. First and foremost, do not use silicone wipers – it is the simplest way to scratch the paint if even a grain of sand gets between the wiper and the paint. We recommend using microfiber towels or natural chamois leather wipes. Start the drying process from the top parts of the car working your way down to the bottom. Remember to apply as little pressure as possible, allowing the microfiber to absorb water, and mowing it lightly across the surface. If you want a little help with the drying process, you can use Shiny Garage Quick Detailer which will give the surface a nice, slick touch.


Rims and wheels are an important part of the car body. If you do not take some time and pamper your wheels, even the best wax applied on the paint will not give a good final effect.

Having removed the first grime, take a look at your rims closely. They might still carry rust, or tar particles. To remove them, you will need Shiny Garage Iron Off, and Shiny Garage Tar&Glue Remover; the first product will remove the rust and metal particles, and the latter will take care of tar and asphalt particles. You should first use Iron Off – spray it on the rim, leave it to work for about a minute, and then, using a brush or sponge carefuly clean the rim. Rinse it with water afterwards. The next step is the Tar&Glue Remover – spray it on the rim, and using a cloth or applicator, clean the rim. It is essential to rinse the rim well with water.

The next step is to clean the tires. In order to do that, you can use Shiny Garage Red Devil, or Shiny Garage Lime APC. After preparing the appropriate mixture of the product and water, we spray it on the tire, and let it work for 1-2 minutes. We clean it, using a brush or sponge, and rinse the tire down with water.

The wheels are clean now, and ready for applying protection. You can use a wax specially dedicated to rim protection, or you can apply Shiny Garage Dramatic Gloss Sealant. These products are intended to protect the rim against grime, and make the next wash easier. We apply these products using a microfiber or applicator. If you want to put the cherry on top, the last stage is tire dressing. Shiny Garage Back2Black will leave a satin finish, and give the tires a richer black color. It will also restore and protect the tire against strong UV rays.


It is one of the most enjoyable parts of taking care of your car. You will need a wax, sponge or microfiber applicator, and two microfiber towels. Apply a small amount of wax on the applicator and apply it along and across the surface. The whole process needs to be repeated on all painted elements. Leave the wax for a couple of minutes to work, and using a clean microfiber, start polishing the paint gently, removing the dried product. Do not apply too strong pressure, and, if required, polish an element a couple of times, untill you remove all wax stains. After having finished up with all the car, take the second cloth and wipe the paint again, to get a richer shine and depth.

Maintaining the effect
Only when taking care of the paint appropriately, will the effect last for longer than just the next wash. You will need to use a shampoo that will be gentle and not remove earlier applied wax. From time to time, after washing, it is also good to apply Shiny Garage Almond Quick Detailer which will refresh the paint, removing (water) stains, and restore its shine and depth of color.